Thursday, February 5, 2015

Demencia-Todos Vamos A Morir (2010)

Quick, what do you get when you combine Crust Punk,Thrashcore, and old school Death Metal? You get classic Grindcore, that's what. And one of the best examples is Demencia from Peru. Pure chaos taking the form of the most extreme punk and metal combining. Something I love about this (which is true of most Grindcore I listen to) is that its hardcore punk roots are very evident- this has similar riffing and vocal styles to old British Crust Punks, it has the speed and blasting intensity of early American Thrashcore bands- and this also manages to use it's Death metal influence very well, injecting a lot of its atmosphere, while still not letting it overpower the Punk, like many later Grind bands seemed to do, this is one of the most important albums in the Grindcore Peruvian scene, beloved by metalheads and punks all over, blasting speed, Punk attitude and socially-political side of the injustice in Peru and all around the world..Its been a long time since an album literally grabbed me by by neck and pounded the flying shit out of me, but all has changed since i got this album. On the first spin i was all over the fucking place!!! The album just picked me up and slammed me against the wall.... how can you not get floored? this album is 11 tracks of pounding brutality (featuring a brutal cover of Desarme- Por Que?)... harsh Vocals, pounding fast as fuck Drums, a peculiar but awesome as hell Muddy Bass Sound, some great Guitar work..., good riffs, wherever there was a solo it was a good one. Overall, if you're a fan of Grindcore in general.... listen to it at its best and pick up Demencia 'Todos Vamos A Morir'.. you won't be disappointed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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