Friday, February 26, 2016

Deceased-Cadaver Traditions (Double Cd-2015)

There is no denying that the US Metal act Deceased is a talented band. Just about every song on here is a cover of an already heavy and intense metal track, impressive covers of some really great songs, actually this double cd really kick ass and it is enjoyable. The production quality of the double album is the best. Aside the stunning production quality, the music is absolutely fantastic and every track on here is either a fun romp through memory lane, or just a very well done Extreme Metal version of some of metal's finest historical pieces. The real stand outs on here would have to be the Heavy Metal and Punk tracks that are covered. While hearing Death Metal renditions, the band seems to have taken these covers seriously, and the outcome is some stellar material. Expect some pretty good things from "Cadaver Traditions", and if you enjoy any of these bands, as well as Deceased, then this release is one that you really have to check out. Every track on here is a solid port over to a very serious Extreme Metal sound. Some of the tracks on here may even rub off on you as being better than the originals. It's a great album that you'll listen  more than once.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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