Saturday, February 13, 2016

ScumRipper-(cassette 2016)

Well, when it comes to the term 'oldschool', this band takes the cake. A selftitled demo cassette called Scumripper caught my attention and when i was listening to it with headphones and anxiously await the first track, not really sure what to expect.... Suddenly all hell breaks loose and a completely relentless raw Death Metal attack kicks in.The sound is raw and uncompromising. The song structure is also kept simple, short and to the point. The guitarplay might not take home any awards in the technicality department. However, something it has no shortage of is catchiness. I think it's safe to say that if you don't appreciate the riffs on this demo you shouldn't listen to extreme metal at all. I don't recall hearing anything this catchy and energetic since..well..ever before. The bass is for most of the time hardly audible at all but I guess that doesn't come as a surprise. It's there though, working mainly as a backbone for the guitars. I'm okay with that.The drummer makes a good job of what he has to work with. Like I said, the overall structure of this demo is kept simple. This doesn't prevent him from throwing some tasty fills and pattern changes that, while not interfering with the straightforwardness of the guitars, still makes this demo a more varied experience.Well, the vocalist has a very harsh style of singing. His raspy voice is capable of spitting out lyrics in fast and aggressive manner, something that fits the rest of the music like a glove. He just seems like the right man for this particular job. Another thing that goes for the music in general is the speed of which it's played. You won't be hearing a song on here that goes below 'fast' tempowise and quite often the songs are just blistering. There's not much more to say about this offering. If you like extreme metal
fast and catchy with a punk attitude, hunt down a copy of this demo.You won't be dissapointed. Simply put; this is one damn fine piece of Death metal from Finland!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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