Saturday, February 6, 2016

Aggression- (Demo 2015)

Originating from Peru, this amalgamation of death and thrash metal is a brutal one indeed. The vocals are low demonic death chants which are nearly impossible to decipher without the written lyrics, but great for the overall context of the music they make. Dark and heavy, the guitars are tuned down considerably low in true old school Southamerican death metal style, Aggression add much more of a thrash element into their death metal approach, making it more interesting in my opinion.The five songs are all memorable and very well played. You can listen to them all without wanting to skip any one of them. The lyrics on this album are great and full of anger, and the music makes up for it. "Maligno Empalador" is musically one of my favorite tracks on this Demo : sincere Thrash vocals over influenced death metal riffs with pounding double bass drums. The song is metaphorically comparing heroin overdose with human combustion and the lyrics are quite good. The guitar playing on this song is some of my favorite on the entire demo and it's songs like this which separate Aggression from a lot of other obscure Peruvian death/thrash bands. "Sicario" continues the gore theme and the riffs are brutal in nature with blast beats galore, this would be the second excellent song in a row. As with every song on this demo, the riffs and guitar solos are fucking killer and the songs progreses through several riffs which are all satisfying. After it's all said and done, this demo is so well musically performed I give it a solid 95%. I also rank it this high because I have a strong leaning towards both death metal and thrash. This will undoubtedly grow upon any death metal or thrash fan. Surely, you should not expect anything novel, it is musicwise vintage all the way. Well, if you're a old school die hard metalhead, you know that they do exactly what they want to do and do it with style. Old school deathrashing, but no old-timer, and thanks to Iron Xtian for sending a copy of this kick ass demo. Keep it alive!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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