Sunday, May 15, 2016

Militant Attack-Attack, Kill & Thrash (2015)

This album rocks, plain and simple. Highly effective. Attack, Kill and Thrash carries more visceral intensity than your average brutal band. This band does not relent from tearing bodies to pieces does not hurt matters one bit. Militant Attack doesn’t seem to posses tremendous instrumental abilities, but what they do posses is the talent to craft one hell of a memorable riff. Throughout the entire album, we observe the band pumping one flesh-shredding riff after another. These riffs are indeed your typical open string to power chord relief thrash riffing, but what makes them so effective is a certain, uncanny sense for melody. What makes each riff highly addicting is in their ability to unveil attention grabbing hooks. Each riff is more memorable than the last, and one will find themselves constantly returning for more thrashing. This album is highly recommended. The only few flaws are perhaps the lack of variation. After seven songs of the similar formula it can lapse into slight tedium. There is also a certain lack of originality, all the riffs appear vaguely familiar. Also, perhaps Militant Attack could be criticized for being nothing more than a brainless thrashing exercise; but who cares! Nevertheless, purchase this album, especially if your just getting into metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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