Sunday, May 15, 2016

Swine Infection-Culinary Ritual (Cassette 2015)

This cassette possesses a very unique and distinctive sound, featuring tons of schizophrenic death riffs, it possess an absurdly gloomy and horrific vibe, managing to sound intense, expressive and consistent supported also by a pretty fucking sick guitar tone, totally unique even for death metal; also there’s a strong tendency to vicious punk up-tempos. Tom Richards sounds exactly like a fucking sadistic maniac escaped from a maximum-security sanitarium, hungry for fresh blood of young female victims, and his voice fits perfectly the music, things sound almost like he’s manipulating the music itself, turning it into a schizophrenic mess; there’s something “magical” about it, but it’s undoubtedly the blackest kind of magic. This is pure extreme metal rawness, the experimentation with horror atmospheres that the band is pursuing is a weird and unique opus made of majestic musical constructions, excellent taste for creepy/morbid melodies, some obvious hints of dark/sadistic humor and, most of all, a lot of inspiration and focus on a certain musical vision. I really highly recommend this band : brilliant and genial. If you're a fan of bands as Necrophagia you'll enjoy this release !
Review by Paul Caravasi



    Thanks for the killer review. Grab a copy here!