Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sakrilejist-Malum In Se (2016)

This album doesn't becomes repetitive. This album has a crude production which is cool, it keeps the true vibe of what metal is all about.. and flows flawlessly with it's raw riffing. However, this album could have been better with two guitars. It could sound like a real onslaught though it's still doesn't sounds bad at all. Some highlights includes 'Calling The Void' with it's blasting riffage and dark vocals and chorus, ''Born of Night" for it's fucking catchy chorus and overwhelming riffs "Bile of the God" for being the most aggressive track with the most brutal riffs, and the closer 'The curse of Lucifer' for it's great sstructure and marvelous rhythm. Overall, get this. This is a total riffing ownage which can't be ignored by any true Metalhead. It's a cool album which sounds pretty unique for this time, and one kick ass debut of Extreme Metal. Wel done guys !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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