Friday, June 10, 2016

Repulsive Death-Putrid acts of depravity (2016)

A festering zombified nightmare that is "Putrid acts of depravity" may convince the listener that this album would have been a heinous and fitting death-metal soundtrack to a zombie flick. The opening track, reaches the imagination of the listener, sick riffs are intentionally putrid and  heavy.  The drumming quality adds a suspensful feeling of something(s) hideous this way coming. Tying this stinking, maggot-infested, centuried package together is the savage growled voice of Tomil, which has an unrepentant and inexplicably whispery quality to it throughout. In conclusion, Repulsive Death from Costa Rica is an old school death metal spectrum. It could stay in the middle of the road, though being an excellent work on its own. So, we better don’t argue about the categorization and just enjoy this record for what it is: a good piece of horrific extreme metal, created by a band which i think possesses a vision about horror imagery, and brought it to life in a consistent and personal way, influenced by tons of old school death metal bands. However, if you want to hear extreme music, you should purchase “Putrid acts of depravity”. It should definitely be checked out by an metal head wanting to hear death metal and horror lyrics before it shambles horribly to your doorstep and gets you.
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Review by Paul Caravasi

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