Saturday, June 18, 2016

Grotesque Ceremonium-Demonic Inquisition(2016)

This was a truly awesome listening experience. I must say, those words have never been truer. Brutal Death Metal bands try to be over the top and too technical for their own good, however in the case of this One man Turkish death metal band called Grotesque Ceremonium, he creates something extremely brutal but not over the top and too extravagant for it's own good. Each track on this album has at least one fantastic guitar shred solo if not more. The drums  pummel through your ears like a heart attack. Something truly relentless here. Instead of rehashing the same thing over and over again like so many Death Metal bands do these days. It is difficult to tell any highlights on this because it's very consistent but i think "Demonic Inquisition" density, "Barbaric Apostasy" catchiness, "Crushing morbid death" brutality and "Agonized screams of the damned" doomy sound are the best of this.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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