Friday, June 10, 2016

Zamak-The dark of the Sun (2015)

Simplicity and toned down brutality. This is an extremely straightforward record and does not have the intensity of your average death metal album but the riffs have a heavier emphasis on melody and harmony rather than brutality. The vocals are a major highlight of this album. Rather than using the bellowing growls of regular death metal Lindberg employs an abrasive, almost black metal-like scream. What makes Antonio Ruiz screams so effective are undeniably his power behind them. He literally sounds as if he has been stabbed in the stomach with a hunting knife and is spitting out blood as he screams. A vocalist with emotional expression in the genre. The guitar work is the centerpiece of the album and the riffs as well. It could be odd for a death metaller to hear a death metal album with such an emphasis on melodic riffs and guitar harmonies.The riffs are rather simple in terms of structure, but are extremely catchy. They are, in essence, ├╝ber melodic thrash metal riffs. Despite their simplicity they work quite well, creating catchy and great songs. I cannot say that that there are any standout tracks since they all sound very similar. The album is consistently good. To bring this review to a close this is definitely a good album. I recommend this for anyone who is new to extreme metal since its a decent starting point before moving on to heavier and/or more technical bands. Good job Zamak !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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