Friday, December 9, 2016

Downfall of Gaia-Atrophy (2016)

Clean production solely for the purpose of enhancing the musical experience, something that I personally rarely enjoy, maybe even only in the case of Black Metal. Anyway…it seems to me that if even one single note or drum beat were different the whole thing would fall together and fail completely for the listener. This is an album one does not merely listen to, one is just fascinated. Fascinated by the incredible precision, the atmosphere of this CD,  the guitars turn to a furious fusion with the drums and bass, the vocals....just really “imperial”, fabulous riffs I have ever endured in BM, accompanied by the drums, the songs flows from one riff to another, in perfect harmony with incredible musicianship, this is furious and very emotional....a ferocious outburst of musical fireworks and uncontrollable emotions. Higher up I mentioned that this CD clearly isn’t for everyone - in fact, I believe it can only be fully appreciated by the chosen few who can understand it. Its so complex and varying at times. I think it can only be loved by those who really feel extreme music in their veins. This is by no means a “light” album. So, I come to the conclusion that this CD is sheer genius, great overall atmosphere and musicianship, yet clearly not for all, I’d like to finish this review with first off saying that this album kicks fucking ass. “All mortals should respect bands like this, not make into a trend!”.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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