Friday, December 9, 2016

Evil Priest-Demo Ep (2016)

Evil Priest mixed the relentless thrashy aggression and riffage of floridian death metal with a healthy dose of swedish death metal. This demo kicks in with a brutal song... then you hear it... that GUITAR TONE. Damnit, this band has one of the best guitar tones ever heard in death metal in 2016. It's heavy as fuck, really low-tuned and sounds more evil than any actual metal band. Then the three songs carries on, with sheer brutality attacking you from every corner, while singer vomits his inhuman old-school growls without allowing you to breathe. Riff after riff, there is no stop to this monster of a demo. The drumming is top-notch as well; Really powerful and aggressive blastbeats that go along with a great technique. Incredible. Evil Priest manage to be relentlessly aggressive and atmospheric at the same time, without decaying in melodic death metal. The guitar work is damn good. Overall, this demo is an essential piece on the Peruvian death metal puzzle. You like death metal? Then OWN IT, it will destroy your fucking skull !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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