Friday, December 9, 2016

King Diamond-The Spider Lullabye ( 2015-Remaster)

I have to say this is the most melodic release from King Diamond. But i guess the lack of recognition of this album is mainly due it not being a full concept album and the fact that the story itself is pretty straight forward and uncomplicated as opposed to his previous releases like Abigail and "Them". Still, I think the songs here are beautifully done well and the keyboards are utterly fantastic.
From The Other Side - You have no choice but to keep your ears glued to the speaker. If not for the solo, I'd have to say that the amazingly melodic and catchy chorus is the main highlight here.
Killer - Man, King's vocal harmony on that line is godly. Yes, that's the kind of vocal harmony that forces the listener to stay focused on the music and just simply be amazed.
The Poltergeist - This song just plain out rules you in everyway. And this song has the highlight of the entire album, which is during the lead break. What sounds like a squeaky door opening is actually the sound of the guitar, which fools you for a few seconds into thinking it's actually the sound of a squeaky door until it leads into the solo. Man, that is some killer stuff right there! Not something that occurs very often in music.
Dreams - Probably the weakest track on the album.
Moonlight - Another one of King's best song. His vocals on this one are constantly in falsetto form through out the entire song.
Six Feet Under - Yet, another catchy chorus that stays stuck on you.
The Spider's Lullaby - This is a very doom-ish tune in the vein of 70s Sabbath, mixed with eerie keyboard work and the insane laughs and vocals of the King. King really goes over the top in trying to sound insane with this one, what exactly does a spider sound like?? I don't know, but I do know that the guitar definatly sounds like one. You'll have to hear for yourself.
Eastmann's Cure - Another cool speed metal song , though a little more melodic and very soft in some places.
Room 17 - This song is much longer than it should be, over 8 minutes. I guess you can say it's pretty catchy at first but it's a little too long.
To The Morgue - Another doomy song,  a perfect album closer to a bone chilling tale....for those of you who are afraid of spiders.
This edition features a bonus disc with these demo versions: Moonlight, From the other side, The spider lullabye and Dreams. Remastered by Andy La Rocque !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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