Thursday, January 26, 2017

DeathBlow-Demolition Deployment (Ep-2016)

Fast style of riffing. It’s like putting a microphone up to a speeding train raging over the tracks. Your CD isn’t spinning half as fast as these notes are smashing into your brain. Rampaging speed/Thrash metal songs featuring raspy, screaming vocals that keep things entertaining the whole ride through. This Ep is over-the-top speed, and therefore 99% perfection, and hence the 99% score. Yes, I used a calculator to figure this out. As far as the musicianship is concerned, highly impressive with his incredibly fast riffs and leads, both of which are highly memorable, every riff consists of hitting a single note furiously, then transitioning to a quick, catchy lick. The 3 songs take the same approach (including the cover of Motorhead-Mean Machine). This kind of stuff should appeal to you if you’re into aggressive speed metal like Exciter or Tank, but keep in mind that this is much more unique and full of its own quirks (oh yeah, and it’s a tad faster too). if you like your music fast fast fast - get your fix of Demolition Deployment NOW!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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