Thursday, January 26, 2017

Killing Addiction-Shores of Oblivion (2016)

The sound of this is absolutely fantastic. Featuring  guitarists with a listenable tone. It’s clear, crisp, weighty, heavy and precise. The opening song sets the tone flawlessly and is a harrowing harbinger of what’s to come. Sometimes it’s unwise to start an album off with a kick ass song, but in the case of Killing Addiction, it shouldn’t have been done any other way. Starting it off with "Engine of Ruin" don't give the listener a chance to breathe before having their head held underwater. By the time "Cult of Decay"is done, you’ve already drowned. But the most remarkable thing about this album isn’t how extreme it is, or how it’s a fantastic riff-o-rama. It’s how damn catchy it is. "Shores of Oblivion" is essential death metal. I would recommend this to people who enjoy extreme metal of any variety, as this is that great of an an album that they should all hear and enjoy.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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