Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Fallen Symmetry-Renacer en la Tormenta (2015)

Musically, this album is a strong mix of accessible songwriting, technical instrumental construction, and a few surprises thrown in when they are least expected. Vocalist exhibits a full range without going into the obnoxiously high pitches that other singers of this genre use so often, riffs are powerful, the rhythm section is fairly solid, and keyboardist adds plenty of orchestrations and other elements that fortunately never overshadow the actual band. The songs themselves are brilliantly written and there does not seem to be a trace of filler at all on this album. A variety of styles is also present and includes a great deal of faster tracks "Renacer en la tormenta", "El ultimo despertar" "Fields of the fallen" (featuring Zak Stevens).Mid-tempo marches and plenty of epics filling the gaps. I recommend this album as a good starting point for fans willing to check out The Fallen Symmetry from Lima-Peru and heavy metal in general. You shouldn’t be disappointed. I feel that I need to be completely honest. This was my introduction to this band; they came along and gave me a new fresh sound. It holds a special place in my music collection. Impressive songs. Double-kicking tracks that has crunchy guitars and some nice soloing. Either way, this album is excellent. To me, it defines melodic heavy metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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