Saturday, May 20, 2017

Six Feet Under-Torment (2017)

Torment is the band's latest outing and marks their shift away from the thrash-influenced riffing and towards a more technical death metal approach to the guitar work whilst pushing for a more groove-oriented sound that incorporates a lot more melody into the frenzy of technically accomplished guitar lines. Blast beats and tremolo picked riffs is the main course on this album. Incredible doses of pure gore-ridden Death Metal brutality and this is essential. It carries an extremely melodic approach without ever really compromising the flat out heavy sound that Six feet under are renowned from. Barnes decided to take a much more decipherable style of growling and this really works within the context of the album as he is constantly painting gruesome pictures over the top of some of the most controlled chaos ever put to his records. The guitar work on this album is a mass of trills and sliding power chord with tremolo picked riffs scattered throughout which leads to this being a record for any aspiring guitar player out there to attempt to play along to and marvel at the technical wizardry on display. The drumming is a solid performance, the bass performance on this album is incredibly complex and brutal. Torment is an absolutely essential Death Metal album and could be considered as an entry point for anyone who is unfamiliar with the genre to sink their teeth into. This is a fast and furious display of aggression that is packed full of great songs such as "Sacrificial Kill", "Skeleton" and "Funeral Mask". As part of a genre not renowned for being catchy this album could be considered as somewhat of an anomaly but it is a good form of anomaly and finds the band at their peak of creativity.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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