Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Foreshadowing-Seven heads Ten horns (2016)

Melancholy, progressive experiments and doom in a rock format equals an addictive atmosphere similar to Katatonia in feeling or Anathema, this album evokes an experimental 70's rock feeling instrumentally, while still mostly remaining fairly standard in terms of songwriting. The album is filled with emotion displayed through memorable clean guitar passages and the occasional piano theme. Dreamy atmosphere and whispering vocal delivery is a perfect buildup that still avoids being cheesy. The vocal delivery alternates between rather calm vocal on the verses and a soaring, sorrowful chorus, also deliver some excellent dynamics in the songs with a piano section as emotional as ever. Rides on a wave of melodic guitar arrangements, with a polished, almost pop-like vocal performance. Towards the ending the album gets more dreadfully depressive in their gloomy expression of sorrow, which doesn't make them as appropriate for every day listening, if your every day isn't dreadfully depressive of course. A very good album and a mandatory one for the metal fan with a taste for the depressive.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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