Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Flourishing Scourge (2017)

This band attack with Progressive ferocity. This album is an experience of its own, and while it certainly would please those who liked this kind of musicianship material, the words I personally would use to describe the feelings I get when I listen to albums like this are broad, monstrous, ecstatic, and meditative. Aggressive and raw, but also mesmerizing. songs are interesting and dynamic, and makes me wanna pay attention much longer. The guitars commands a good headbanging rhythm; this one is sure to be a good live album. Another place this monstrous cd becomes obvious is in the drum department. Drums sound open, organic, lively. This is especially a good thing when you consider a drummer playing grooves, beats, fills, and other nuances that not even other drummers in metal bothered to try. It sounds ecstatic and meditative because it interfuses the melodic elements of Brutal death Metal with progressive ferocity.  There's some peaceful acoustic intros briefly accompanied by fretless bass and a jazz fusion drum beat before introducing the meat of the song, which is signified by broad, breathing chords and a militaristic snare beat; it quickly becomes obvious you're about to hear brutality and technical-sounding triplet section nudges. This is an ambitious album, taking risks and introducing elements to make this a staunchly different-sounding effort for a extreme metal band. So yeah, needless to say I strongly recommend listening to this.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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