Sunday, October 15, 2017

Naga-Inanimate (2017)

A blast of pulverizing doom, gutteral vocals and Hellhammerish chord. Inevitable and ensuing aftermath of hunger, desolation, and hopelessness.  As for the tracks themselves, what you get here is delivered at the irnoic pace of a funeral procession. This is strictly metal in conception and execution, regardless of its  novel properties. Totally dark and fucking evil heaviness...and I am an avid and well-educated fan of Doom Metal and other extreme stuff…Here it is also interesting to draw a comparison with Black Metal which often is considered the most cold, dark and evil kind of metal or even music in general. Well, some Black Metal bands might appear more maniacal due to their somewhat chaotic hysteria and to some degree they achieve to create some evilness since most of them strive really hard, but with Naga it’s just true and natural, they don’t want it out of principle, they just deliver it. And the same goes for the darkness and coldness. Where especially Norway orientated Black Metal bands might have this Northern coldness like winds over deserted mountains, which on sunny days might still cause warm feelings for the beauty of nature. Inanimate should be of interest to any fan of really heavy, dark and brutal metal, but probably it will always remain a rarity in record collections. Fortunately, those who understand this kind of music enjoy the more. Eternal frost, indeed!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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