Saturday, October 28, 2017

Apothesary-Accept Loss Forever (2017)

Brutal riffs and a touch of melody. Really, this is how every song carries on. There is no shortage of chunky riffing, harmonies, and well executed solos here. Textbook brutality executed by capable musicians. The guitarwork throughout is quite impressive, and my favorite aspect of the album. The drumming is pretty textbook, and doesn't really deviate from the norm- nonetheless, the drummer is good at what he does as well the bass. The vocals, which alternate between a hardcorish scream (a la In Flames and At the Gates) and a death growl are a nice touch to the music. The production is also flawless. Apothesary aren't out to break any boundaries per se; however, they are out to kick some ass. I can't help but think of mid-period death when I listen to the shredding and structures of this album. If you are a fan of classically executed death metal, chilling to the bone, I would highly recommend you obtain this album. Fast riffs, great melody, perfectly executed screechy vocals, and great lyrics. Those are the four things that come to my mind when somebody asks me if Apothesary is a good band. All in all, Tremendous Melodic Death album, great melody and killer vocals, terrific lyrics, flawless drumming. Highlights of the album: "Sensory Overload", "1976" , "Elizabeth", and "You've met with a terrible fate,Haven't you?". I highly recommend at least giving a listen, as it is well worth it if you do like it !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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