Sunday, October 15, 2017

Voids of Vomit-Ritual Expiation (2017)

Death metal from Italy inspired in the vein that brought us Death and Obituary, this rigid adherence to a classical sound raises this album up for what it's worth, their insistence on keeping it basic old school sound more in their favor , the good thing is that they don't sound like a modern technical death clone. The great elements of this album? all of them. Listen to this amazing death metal album and  the solos and vocals remain entrenched in one solid territory.  Having said that, what had me so attracted to Voids of Vomit is having two impressive guitarists, they can do something more with their instruments than arpeggios on the highest possible notes, actually manage to convey some emotion other than pure frenetic energy, and perfectly compliments the uncomfortable atmosphere contained in these brutal songs, the incredibly versatile voice for this death metal vocalist is killer, going from low growls, to rabid snarls, high pitched shrieks and semi growled shouts that is almost reminiscent of pre-death metal thrash artists such as Possessed. Such a vocal style will be disconcerting to anyone unfamiliar with death metal before Cannibal Corpse, but in an era where very few extreme metal vocalists are immediately distinguishable from the crowd of cookie monsters, vocals such as these are a breath of fresh air. These two memorable elements aside, the rest of what is on here is standard fair for this kick ass band. The riffs are a nice balance between sinister riffage and late 80s death metal speed and brutality. This is intense and brutal. Being a fan of this particular strain of death metal, I enjoyed this record and leave a good impression on. Take that tidbit of information as you will; if you are a fan of late 80s style death metal like I am, you will enjoy this record, I can guarantee that this will be the death metal record that will stay with you forever !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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