Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Acephalix-Decreation (2017)

Simple death rot metal, not just "death metal"--these monsters unleashed a brutal album. Thick guitar riffs still in B-flat tuning (for all you metal guitarists) with slow, moderate and fast riffs delving deep in original songwriting fashion. Extreme old death metal influence among the ranks of classic bands such as Autopsy, Obituary, but Acephalix is in a league of their own! Vocals fits the music quite well and it's good that there features this variety of brutality, it keeps the albums' with thickness vibe. They seem to put together a fresh new chunk slabs of riffs together with a maximum amount of distortion and bar chord/tremolo picking onslaught of axes that totally annihilate! If you want to hear what death rot truly is, "Decreation" is equipped with all incorporated style of precision recording quality, drum work that's featured with blast beating intensity along with precise double bass/time signature changing, guitars that are just so damn heavy they'll destroy your speakers, vocal variety domination and screeching leads to the point of eardrum explosion. I hope they'll continue this onslaught throughout their days. So grab this CD metalheads to embrace the brutality they've obliged listeners to hear proving that metal is definitely alive, well, and undying !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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