Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Beyond Description-The Robotized World (2017)

In my serious opinion, this album would be praised as a classic if released earlier, but this is not the case, the album itself is really nice, and if you're completely bored, this should snap it up for you. The lyrics are of course pretty generic, speaking of social issues, rebellion, tyranny and several other topics which have always plagued the genre of Thrash for decades, -which doesn't mean every band did-. The guitars sound perfect, although the solos don't seem to stand out very much and the drums are practically jamming the same tempo over and over again. The riffs are fast and aggressive an they're the kind of style i'd go listening while walking all badass in my job's hallway. Vocals are just pumps of words scream at the right time, which actually saves them from seeming unfitting. Bass kills it. They're pretty good coordinated. Old school influence can be heard throughout the album, James Hetfield (Kill' em all era) vocal influence there. Overall the album is awesome. It's a good album to have listening with your fellow thrash buddies in your garage-cave, and i don't know, maybe drinking some beer and headbanging like fkn maniacs. Good job !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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