Monday, December 10, 2018

Alphakill-Degrees of Manipulation (2018)

At this point in time the thrash scene is arising once again worldwide, and with the rapid progression of the current scene you could easily pigeonhole the bands into certain categories. Degrees of Manipulation is a collection of ten tracks of pure kick ass thrash metal with a technical slant, and for my money this one serves as one of, if not the finest examples of the classic thrash metal sound. Each and every band member is on the ball here. Unlike a lot of thrash out there, this album comes with a healthy dose of variety as well. This level of quality and punishing riffage, it does leave you wanting more. At least in my case.  It has all the addictive elements that make thrash one of the most kickass genres out there - catchy choruses, rifforama madness and a healthy dose of punk making the songs stick to your brain like superglue while also compelling you to mosh the fuck out. Very few current thrash albums out there capture all the ingredients the way this one does. This album freaking compels you to obey its command of thrash till death by moshing and headbanging like there’ no tomorrow !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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