Monday, December 10, 2018


Bloodphemy unleashed a battering sound that threats to demolish everything in their path, this is reckless brutality; and the result is satisfactory, this album is a turmoil of asphyxiating darkness and agitation. It is turbulent but also meticulous with the melodies and sometimes unpredictable, armed with odd timings and tempo changes that won’t necessarily dictate you how to headbang to it. If you want “squared” music you should pick some noisy grind instead. It doesn’t stand out just for the destructive riffs. Song structures dwell between occasional heavy breakdowns with high pinched harmonics and drumbeats thought to go along with the riffs. Fast and full of anomalies but most of all frantic and malevolent riffs accompanied by relentless blast beats are present too, and so are those dense guitar melodies whose only purpose is to push fear and despair into the heart of men. The solos are delivered accurately and sharp with psychotic precision. The album is mixed amazingly, with loads of highly organic tones with nothing really overpowreing anything else serverly. Definitely worth the buy. If you're new to Bloodphemy and Death Metal in general , this is probably the best place to get into the band and I know it was for me. This is one album that any death metal fan should let slip through their fingers. It is simply stunning !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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