Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CDS FOR SALE (Free Shipping In United States)


Sylvan Realm-The Lodge Of Transcendence (Black Metal) $5.00
Heresiarch Seminary/Windstorm/Occulus-Ghost Of Winter/Split Cd (Black Metal) $5.00
Purgatory-Luciferianism (Death Metal) $5.00
Purgatory-Cultus Luciferi/The Splendour Of Chaos (Death Metal) $5.00
Nomad-The Independence Of Observation Choice (Death Metal) $5.00
Mathyr-Mandraenken (Black/Death) $5.00
Mental Horror-Blemished Redemption (Brutal Death Metal) $5.00
Coercion-Lifework (Death Metal) $5.00
Abomination-Doutrine Of False Martyr (Death Metal) $5.00
Suffer In Silence-Behind The Truth (Black/Death) $5.00
Physical Noise-Follow The Noise (Heavy Metal) $5.00
Blister Brigade-To Serve And Punish (Hardrock) $5.00
Chakal-Destroy!Destroy!Destroy! (Thrash Metal) $5.00
Outlanders-Kretaceous (Thrash Metal) $5.00
Avitas-Northern Ghosts (Black Metal) $5.00
Do Or Die Records-Split Ep (2013) Featuring: Relentless,Nocturne,Deathcult $3.00
Necrofucker-Sicarios Del Infierno (Death Metal) $5.00
Rito Profanatorio-Necro-Ritual (Black/Death) $5.00
Lightning-Promo 2013 (Traditional Heavy Metal) $3.00
Toxemia-Demo 2013-CD-R (Death/Grind) $2.00
Toxemia-Planetary Devastation-CD-R (Death/Grind) $2.00
Pathogen-Abominant Relics-CD-R (Death Metal) $2.00
Pathogen-Barbaric Desolation-CD-R (Death Metal) $2.00
Mastic Scum-Ctrl (Technical Death Metal) $5.00
Betrayer F.t.m-Full Blast (Thrash Metal) $5.00
Seeds Of Perdition-From Whitin (Technical Death Metal) $5.00
Engorgement-Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations (Brutal Death Metal) $5.00
Magister Templi-Lucifer Leviathan Logos (Heavy/Doom) $5.00
Freedoms Reign (Heavy Metal) $5.00
Blinded By Faith-Chernobyl Survivor (Thrash Metal) $5.00
DogFaced Corpse-Demo 2012 (Brutal Death Metal) $5.00
Ritual-The Resurrection (Black Metal) $5.00
Attacker Bloody Axe/Ejecutor/Anal Destructor-Split Cd $5.00
Perishing Humanity-The Monument Of Human Lies And Hypocrisy (Industrial Death Metal) $5.00
Argus-Beyond The Martyrs (Heavy Metal) $5.00
Coldsteel-America Idle (Thrash Metal) $5.00

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