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Kobra and the Lotus was formed by classical singer Kobra Paige with guitarists Matt Van Wezel and Chris Swenson, in summer 2009 were approached by Metal Hammer to include Kobra Paige in the 2010 Metal Hammer Maidens of Metal Calendar. After an extensive 2010 Canadian tour Kobra and the Lotus held an open audition. The 2010 tour also had a profound effect on the vocals of lead singer Paige. In 2011 Kobra Paige legally changed her name from Brittany Paige to Kobra Paige. Here's a brief interview with her.

1-Hello and Thank you for taking your time answering this interview for Soulgrinder Zine. What are your expectations concerning the forthcoming album?Can you say something about the general idea? What was your inspiration? What is this revolution about? What are you fighting for?
And thank you for having me! I try very hard not to have any expectations regarding how people will receive the music other than hoping it makes people feel something, be moved somehow, no matter whether it's good or bad. (but hopefully mostly good! haha). Overall, I'm very happy with the album. Now is the time to share it and let the world decide what they think. I can't wait to find out! There are many different stories and themes in this album. The themes range from “micro” glimmer’s of hope in a time when you can't see a way through tunnels of despair, to political oppression, benevolence, honouring and remembering those that have fought for our freedom, being the root as well as the solution to the problems within humanity, to the ways of “Bushido” and honouring the selfless principles of the Samurai. ALSO... there may just be a Lord of the Rings reference or two.

2-How do the preparations for the tour look like?
Usually before a tour, a general set list will be prepared and then the members will come together about two weeks beforehand. We will then start locking in with each other and getting down to more of the specifics of fine tuning the show. Sometimes when the right tour comes along, however, we all have to be prepared to jump on the road at the drop of a hat. It's such a fast paced and volatile industry, we have to be prepared for anything.

3-How would you encourage a potential listener to get to know the band's creative output?
The best encouragement I could give is, to throw the disc in your car or headphones on a bike, turn it up, and rip around. Then just listen with an open mind and without thinking too hard. See how the pulse of the music affects you first...then later listen for detail. I think we forget about the heartbeat inside music sometimes by first over-thinking it. We need to remember to connect to the whole sound.

4-Is your popularity growing equally all over the world?
No, there are regions that have caught on a lot quicker than others and there are also many territories we have yet to venture into. This very much excites me because it shows how much work there is to do...endless...we literally will have to keep metal 'n rollin’ until the day we die...probably on stage still playing a show. It’s what we love to do so the prospect of continuing the build out is exciting.

5-Are there any singers you’d like to cooperate with? Can we expect that in the future?
Yes I would really love to sing something with Joey belladonna. I just toured with him and what an incredible voice! Otherwise, I have a collaboration list that is about a kilometre long. There are so many incredible artists in the world.

6-What’s the secret behind been together as a band?

7-For those who haven’t heard Kobra and the Lotus yet, what is it all about? Can you describe the band's sound in few words?
I sure can, Heavy Metal. :D

8-What about the name of the band? Does it have any special meaning?
Yes, fierce beauty. Metal is an intricate, beautiful, beast of music. It has the capacity to remain through the ages without dying because it's fans are unbelievably loyal. The lotus is a stunning flower that rises out of the mud and the mighty cobra stands behind humanity and defends it.

9-Do you want to reach larger audience or only particular group of fans?
Definitely a larger audience. We want to create music that is for everyone.

10-Do you read reviews of your releases? Do they influence you in any way? Have you read any reviews of Kobra and the Lotus? What’s your standpoint?
I rarely read reviews. However, sometimes I'm inclined to read reviews where I value the critic’s opinions; It’s there that I can look for constructive criticism. I have found this to be beneficial in the past. Otherwise, I just keep focused on aiming for the high bar that will and should never be reachable.

11-Now about concerts. The best concert you have ever played is....
Oh man this is an impossible answer. We have had amazing experiences in many different places. One that will always stick out in my mind was our first support slot opening for Judas Priest because it was such an incredible honour. Painkiller was the reason I fell in love with metal in the first place.

12-How do you prepare yourselves for playing a concert? How do you spend the last few minutes before going out on stage?
Everyone has their own rituals, mine happens to be pacing. I get so riled up and excited, I usually have to storm around backstage for twenty minutes.

13-This is all have for now, thanks for your time and keep up the good work. Good luck. Do you want to say something to your fans and readers of Soulgrinder Zine? Any words to sum up?
Thank you so very much Paul for having me! I feel so grateful every day to be doing what I love and it would not be possible without the support of webzines like you and all of the incredible metal fans. This genre is like a big pumping heart and the fans are really what keep’s it alive. Without them, there are no believers, no defenders of the faith and no shared heavy metal experiences. Could you imagine a world without heavy metal? No way!! Thank you all from the bottom of my metal heart. HORNZ!!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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