Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tyrants Blood-Coven (2014)

Tyrants Blood are an "Extreme Speed metal" band from Vancouver.Since their inception in 2005 they have attracted black metaler's and thrashers alike with their unique blend of both genre's meeting on the tip of post 80's Death metal.Coven is a powerful display of neatly packaged noise, dressed in napalm and studded in chains.However...They are by no means a one trick pony, they excel in their field by having the ability to break down into a trance type form while maintaining their "I will fuck your mother with a chainsaw" vibe.The key is great musicianship with powerful riffs and blasting drums.The opening track "Slaine the Bezerker" is a relentless start to a brutal no holds barred album.There is nothing less than sledge hammer heavy here.I already know exactly what kind of band they are by the very presence of the first second of the first track.The second track: Slithering Into Exile showcases that great musicianship I spoke of with an elegant yet morbid clean guitar intro which progresses into a planting wrecking ball of hate.If it is great drumming you want to hear though look no further than track sevens flawless drum intro.Riddle of Flesh has that blast beat splatter-carnage that you miss in modern Napalm Death!!!!But for me personally the strongest track is "Deceiver" which is the album closer. this has more of a raw Venom vibe that is lost on a lot of bands, Tyrants Blood have done no wrong in this album as far as I can hear anyway.I will be keeping an eye on them.
Review by Jude McIlwaine

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