Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miserable Failure-Hope (Limited Edition Cassette)

HOLY FUCK?! Have I died and gone to Grindcore heaven? No, but I might as well say that Miserable Failure have gave me HOPE! (pun fully intended)
Blue Prints of Self Disgust proves to be a sonic assault on the ears with enough grind your fucking face off mayhem to make Nasum shit themselves! A total display of aggression and music merging to create an ingenious blend of "anti-music" with full frontal drums blasting! Track two continues in this exact vibe, One More reason to Set the World On Fire is nothing short of how must acne-faced grindcore teens try to sound when they pick up an instrument for the first time. Nothing here is lost on me, I totally understand this band. These guys are that new band I was looking and waiting for! The last two Tracks on the E.P "Goodbye and Good Riddance" and "This World Aint Mine" really showcase their exact motto..."Out of Nowhere, going nowhere... we are nobody, we're walking among you but we are not your kind. Our music is our history."I fucking love these guys, they have it nailed. And you know that saying, "If it aint broke don't fix it".I guess what makes them unique though is the more crossover style vocals by Bleu matched in ferocity by Rom “ Maldito ” Sanchez who plays guitar and bellows the growls. These guys are the most original grindcore band I have heard in a long time. It will be interesting to see where they go next!!!
Review by Jude McIlwaine

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