Saturday, June 27, 2015

Deicidios-Rincon de Muertos (2015)

The ambiguity that exist between death, black and thrash metal in the current scene pretty much goes without saying for anyone casually familiar with the big influences of Sarcofago. Deicidios from Peru attack like a raging beast with an arsenal of influences comparable to contemporaries such as Bathory, Sodom, Possessed, Slayer, and their death/thrashing compatriots Sepultura, they offer some of the most truly twisted and brutal material in 2015, primitive songs that embody the respective characteristics of brazilian bands. It's replete with hyper-speed thrash beats and has a frequency of blasting. For all the wild variation in tempo going on and the radically differing characteristics of each section within a given song,this album has a fair amount of repetition to it that is actually quite characteristic of this brutl style and i like it, big influences of earliest black/thrash offerings from 1984-86. It makes for an album that has a massive impact on me, also is a bit disorganized at times. Having said that, the level of musicianship going on here is at least as advanced as anything that thrash metal or death metal is dabbling with collectively at this point outside of maybe a few progressively tinged acts, coming with a healthy dose of complex riffing and wild shred fests.If you're a fan of 80's death/black/thrash, check these guys out. It's about as insane of a thrash-oriented album as can be found in the late 80's, and even upstages Sepultura's early offerings in terms of overall intensity, though it falls a little bit behind in terms of cohesiveness. If early Messiah, Possessed and Bathory are on the radar, Deicidios definitely can be found at their border. Killer band!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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