Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vulcano-Bloody Vengeance (Cd/Dvd 2015)

There was an amazing era in Brazil for extreme metal (84-89). To name a few: Sepultura, Sarcofago, Mx, Mutilator, Chakal, Holocausto and many more..attacking with their sinister overtones and brutality, and there's Vulcano crushing and pancaking everything on their path with their fearless-barbaric attitude. The first difference is this has more attention paid to evolve and expand a song than nearly blazing right through.The music on 'Bloody Vengeance' sounds more inherently thrash, of course with touches of ambiguous '80's death and chaotic black metal in the likes of Blasphemy, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene and others who mixed a heavy-handed sacrilegious outlook with what's been established musically at that point in death and grind. Though it's like Sarcofago were so ahead of their time on their debut "INRI" still maintained a tone that is dingy and devious sounding through other musical outlets but by Vulcano standards the guitars here are technical in a way. They take advantage of the lower strings and use more rapidly played open and closed riffs that would be recognized and related to thrash techniques, crunching, they can be simultaneously aggressive and catchy. To get a closer idea of Vulcano's mind-set here, their lyrics bring evil, witches and Vengeance and their music further unravels the rest of their abuses in particular motions and actions. The music delivers the unbalance that the everyday person doesn't need: too much of this or that might kill you. In some of the delivery, they treat the moment like it might be their last breath by screaming in a tortured way or pound the drums as if comets are going to come crashing down and take out the populace, never to be there again. So if I have to relate ''Bloody Vengeance" to "evil," it is essentially evil along the lines of cruelty, barbarity, sadism, selfish excess, and of course vices, where would this release be without those temptations that they give into at every chance and are just dripping with them? I don't know exactly but I can't imagine a better experience without them, and in turn it does give this recording a certain feel and atmosphere. A must have !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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