Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mystifier-Goetia (2015)

Another great Re-issue by Greyhaze records. This classic album was released in 1993. The music is not what one may expect from a black metal album that was released in 1993. This sounds quite unique when compared to what was going on in Norway and Sweden at that time. The guitar riffs, often, take on a secondary role and join the percussion and vocals to create a wall of sound. There are moments where the savage melody is utilized to drag the listener toward the infernal gates of hell; however, in general, the guitars are heavier and more violent. The legacy of Sarcofago and Blasphemy remains a strong part of this music, yet Mystifier has taken it even further, such a barbaric approach while also creating a truly dark and evil atmosphere. The fast-paced, chaotic parts are still there, but now accompanied by mid-paced riffs, making the entire experience the equivalent of a Satanic ritual. That is really what this feels like, and the demonic vocals add to that as much as anything else.The quality of the sound is pretty clear and far better than the garage atmosphere that is found on the demos. While the guitars do not stand out very much, it seems that this is exactly how the band wanted it, as it suits the music well. The guitar tone is very thick and kind of muddy. "Goetia" is highly recommended for those seeking truly evil black metal. This is neither beautiful nor depressive. It is ugly, primitive and consumed with darkness and fkn hate. To get the full effect, one should listen to this with only the light of black candles and a cold breeze coming through the window. Remove all distractions and simply offer yourself to the malevolent spirits that this music conjures up. This digipack features 3 live bonus tracks. Buy it or dieeee!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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