Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wintercoffin-Forest Of Blitzkrieg (7" Ep)

Recorded in the basement of the Armory on 4 track, mastering by Röckel Science Aüdio Memphis TN. This is the side project of Rob Evil (evil army)and Jimmy Blitzkrieg  (jay passed before he and rob could reactivate wintercoffin), so this is their only recording by them. These guys took the rawest of black metal and fuses it with an intense "thrash metal" style of playing. The result was something extreme and violent to a point that it would start it's own trend. The song set the stage for what would be typical for a black metal band. Brutal beats, thrashing guitars and a suprising and subtle amount of variety in the playing style. When they blast...they BLAST...when they thrash...they fkn thrash There is no doubt that these boys take their metal as seriously as they do their brand of world-hatred. If you can find this 7" ,buy it! This is high quality face-thumping at it's best.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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