Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chemicaust-As Empires Falls (demo 2015)

Right here we have a barbaric death/thrash releases from 2015. This demo is a lesson in absolute anger, hate, and maliciousness! The music here is simply ABRASIVE. From the first song through the last, the listener is repeatedly pummelled by an intense death/thrash assault that absolutely takes no prisoners! Lots of riffs and downright thrashy mayhem that is similar to Solstice for example. The sound on here really can't be undersatated. The production achieved here is crisp, SUPER thick, riffs will dice you into tiny bits as you massively bang your head off. Right here you have one irresistable package of hate, every thrashing maniac should have in their collection! First time listeners to this band should seek out THIS demo. It is a solid band. This is the true representation of Metal and Anger, and it will kill you!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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