Saturday, January 16, 2016

Repulsor-Trapped in a Nightmare (Ep/2013)

Repulsor from Poland are a band I discovered simply by spotting them on Facebook. Since I love thrash I had to contact them. The Ep cover was what grabbed me- it was released in 2013! This is 'Pure thrash. No posers.' that statement is completely true! "Trapped in a Nightmare" is possibly one of the 'most metal/traditional' discs you can find from a modern band nowadays. Everything about the Ep is old school- these young guns even dress in the old school thrash street look- tight jeans and the all mighty hi-top sneakers (preferably Reebok! lol). True, there are new thrash bands- one such band is the Brazilians Violator, and they certainly stay as close to thrash as Violator. You can so easily compare the sounds of Repulsor to an '80's release from legendary thrash bands such as Sacred Reich, Kreator, Destruction etc and in my opinion, the fact that this Ep is so unbelivably old-school only makes it more appealing to metalheads.
The 6 songs here, are just full-on 100% thrash monsters, nothing less. There is no variety in style in any of the songs, but then again it's thrash, so who really cares? I can't really give a full description on any of the songs because they are all fairly similar at first listen but I will say that songs like 'To the Coven' and 'Killing Instinct' are some of the most brutal, most 'moshy' thrash songs to come out of the 21st century. It's really is great to see a modern metal band playing and bringing the music we love from the past, into the present. And doing a good job too.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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