Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ruin-Spread Plague Hell (demo cassette 2015)

Brutal, old school death metal. Personally, I find this demo to be amazing, a powerful and a very solid/raw release. Having said that, Ruin have a very dark, sickening atmosphere that brings to mind what classic bands like Autopsy, Impetigo and Macabre do. Savage riffs, insane drumming, and sick growls that are phrased similarly and have a similar atmosphere like the bands mentioned. In a way, though, this demo managed to create it's own sound even within this relatively primitive and basic release. What I mean is, there are very few moments where the listener will pick out a riff and say, "That sounds like Autopsy" or "This riff reminds me of this, which is actually a really cool and actually pretty clever riff idea, or the slower, chunkier ones that open up "Massacre of Flesh and Bones". I would say that the band is pretty good at this style. "Spread Plague Hell" is a great death metal demo that really shows Ruin's abilities, i must say this is a good representation of this style. It fucking rules. Great job maniacs!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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