Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cuero Negro-Peruvian Compilation Vol. 1 (Re-issue 2015)

This collection of Peruvian early-'80s metal bands has stayed in print for one reason only, Cuero negro. The bands that they share this compilation with are typical of metal bands of the time, i remember seeing this bands live and they were the shit back then, totally awesome on stage. Pure and honest underground metal, this is where Peruvian metal scene was stronger, definitely this is one of the best Peruvian compilation ever, bands featured on this comp. are: Hadez, Mortem, Sepulcro, Trauma, Sentencia, Mazo and Armagedon. Raging anthems announcing metal to the masses with thunderous fury. Collectors will probably want this, but even new young metalheads may and should be curious to hear the beginnings of Peru in the world of Metal. Originally released in cassette in 1990. Now re-released on Cd. Thanks Pino Risica for this awesome compilation!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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