Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Apothesary-Sensory Overload (2016)

A sonic spectrum between Meshuggah and a Death Metal sound thrown in for good measure. Apothesary have big things ahead if 2017. "sensory Overload" is an indicator. Barbed wire guitar riffs, constantly shifting time signatures, and a singer whose voice brings to mind any number of wild animals make this cd one of the heaviest discs I own. Riffs that makes you go "oh shit what's gonna happen next" and ends up being a relentless barrage of intensity, which are produced as raw as they come, but when leads do appear ,they are damn good. There is a strong Meshuggah influence no doubt -- but not enough to prevent this band from forging their own style of brutality. I must say that vocals are the most ridiculous in metal. At times they barely sound HUMAN, and you can hear the force put behind them, always a plus... this is just pure 100% HEAVY FUCKING METAL through and through. So in conclusion, if you like metal and enjoy the modern breed of intense bands, you'll be all over Apothesary. The drumming is more than solid, it's just fucking great. Its fast, powerful, its creative and it even includes fucking double bass riffs. Not that other bands don't build upon their drumming, and make it so the drumming is complex but follows a pattern.. but here it really feels like their drummer is riffing. This guy.. owns. Did i mention that Clayton Cagle plays in Hatchet as well?....well, These guys know exactly what they're doing: they're delivering a kick in the face with remarkable self-contained violence.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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