Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Murkocet-Digging Mercy's Grave (2017)

Vocals, razor-sharp high-mid range growly shrieks, often follow the rythm of the music (which is odd for vocals). I can't make out most of the lyrics this way, but  vocals sound menacing. He doesn't sound angry, or enraged, but violent. If I had to list songs, well, 'Strip Club Massacre' and "Tombstones". This is an album that almost every song has elements I particularly like a little and this is not coming from a fanboy because this type of sound have never really been one of my favourites. I will be the first to admit the winning formula of constant chugging groove ala Pantera that they use of late can be tiresome, but i think this band add something interesting to the equation, most bands were simply playing breakdowns. Murkocet didn't.The only possible quip with this album would be that not every song sounds totally different from the others.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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