Saturday, March 18, 2017

Demoniac Slaughter-Promo 2016

These guys are as good as Peruvian's extreme metal scene gets. The raw thrash-influenced, ├╝berdistorted and dirty sound of this promo makes it total delight for true headbangers. They also fully know how to utilize the guitar tones in their songs without making them into some boring wanky mess. Only 3 songs (plus intro) and every track is filled with memorable riffs and pretty much keeps the pace up throughout this Promo. These guys certainly have their riffing down. Another positive thing is the vocals. Karl is one of those guys that is totally convincing when he just bursts out lyrics of slaughter, suicide and other similar topics. His growling fits perfectly with the music as well without going over the top anywhere. For anyone who likes uncompromising well-composed Death Metal, this album is a great highlight. There are chainsaw-sounding guitars blasting out riff after riff, there's insane aggression and it's all in a perfect (dis)harmony. Overall, what we have here is a solid fucking DM band - this is the way the genre is meant to be done. This will please all the kiddies that want something brutal, while making sense to those that want to be able to bang their heads to solid fucking thrash-based riffage without an excess ... add to that some top notch lead guitars, and excellent vocals that fit the context of the band. Excellent stuff !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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