Saturday, March 18, 2017

Necrodemon-In the Ecstasy of Fire (2015)

Death metal should, in my opinion, have that certain feeling to it. You want to hear death metal, not some spoiled, long haired kid trying to scream with an amazingly gay voice about loss of love from his parents,  In other words, you don't want to hear pussy music. Well metalheads, you won't find any pussies on this record. Southamericans Necrodemon choose to stay true to the original death metal sound. It's straightforward death metal without any synths or female choir singing or what-fucking-ever. The tempo is at times shifting between slow and faster parts in the songs; this is, of course, only when it fits the music perfectly). The production is also good and solid. The musicianship is great, although I think the lead guitars and drums stand out the most. There are numerous pretty melodic (no, not melodic in a gay way) although fast solos to be found and they're quite good. Each song on this album is of course great. Necrodemon from Chile always managed to get a different sound with their chainsaw guitars and incredibly powerful drums. So, this adds to the fact that the band always were/are true to their death metal roots. And yes, I think these guys has proven that they were no a clone band. Great riffings and killer headbanging sections.  "In the Ecstasy of Fire" is a solid, uncompromising and brutal punch in the face !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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