Friday, June 16, 2017

Malevolence Records-Volume 3 (2017)

Great album from start to finish; I found this album thanks to Nathan Mcleod of Malevolence Records. This is worth getting for the Eternal Breath's track "Mass Domination" as well as Terravore's "Abominable Rancor". You'll find on this  compilation great Thrash metal bands, this compilation stands as a testimonial to what is the current Thrash metal scene, the new genre of  those who would become the successors to the metal gods of the past and expanded the metal genre now. This is the third metal compilation by Malevolence Records, the highlights of this compilation are  Zafakon from Puerto Rico, Terravore from Bulgaria, Eternal Breath from Belgium, Sanity's rage from Belgium, Golpe Devastador from Brazil. I would highly suggest this to anyone who has already explored the Thrash metal scene  and is delving into more bands. All in all, a good collection of kick ass Metal. I consider this album to be a feast of extreme music that any Metal fan will certainly enjoy. So pick up your copy today!
Track Listing:
Sanity's Rage-Product of Calamity, Leave Scars-Devil's Room, Terravore-Abominable Rancor, Eternal Breath-Mass Domination, Zafakon-II. Sirens, Black4-50yds of Darkness, Golpe Devastador-Retorno Ao Reino Das Sambras, Normalice-IDK (I Decay), Kaos-United we kill, Sanity's Rage-The wheels keep Grinding, Leave Scars-Stay Down
Review by Paul Caravasi

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