Sunday, July 2, 2017

Necrowretch-Satanic Slavery (2017)

The guitar playing on this album is vicious. This is what death/thrash should sound like. It is just unbelievably kickass with the fast paced thrash. "Satanic Slavery" starts with a brutal approach. After the first song kicks into you'll feel like you're in fucking hell. The vocals are very aggressive and suit the music perfectly. Blast beats and traditional death metal like guitars is what you will find on these Gem. The savage death metal style guitars mutate into a thrash symphony which is very, very well executed. The brilliancy about this band is that they somehow manage to integrate so many riffs into one song to technical perfection. While this album is extremely fast it almost seems as though it comes naturally and with little effort. The power on this band is absolutely inspiring. The whole album is dark and it's heavy as fuck the whole way through, and also essential to any fan of death or thrash metal. Fantastic!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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