Sunday, July 2, 2017

Outrage-And the Bedlam Broke Loose (2017)

There are various reasons why I consider this to be a killer band. First of all because it musically is a fucking ‘evil’ style of thrash. Fast and filthy. Opening track "And the bedlam broke loose" simply is the best song ever written. This composition comes close to perfection. The threatening into riff emphasised by the supporting distorted bass guitar, followed by an up tempo verse and chorus and a eerie mid paced middle section. The dynamics presented here are mind blowing and the song never loses its tension. Another thrashing highlight is "Breed" on which Frank P. sounds best with his raspy voice. Definitely a brutal song. This album is Strong, fast, catchy and filled with great riffs, breaks and lyrics. I really enjoyed this album from start to finish. This album isn’t anything groundbreaking, but holy shit does this rock pretty hard. In the end, you can’t claim to know what extreme metal is, if you have never listened to “And the Bedlam broke Loose”: this opus embodies the truest, most primitive soul of Metal (which nowadays has been unfortunately lost among many circles), but behind it there is a highly competent and passionate band that manages to shine flawlessly in terms of quality and professionalism, in a cohesive mix that reaches absolute perfection. Listen to this album, or die trying 'cause it's fkn amazing!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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