Sunday, July 16, 2017

Total Death-Inmerso en la Sangre (2015)

Total Death have pretty well abandoned most of their old doom-death roots with this release, "Inmerso en la Sangre". A few roots still remain but not enough to consider it as much of a doom album in the vein of the previous classic . Instead we are treated with more experimental Death Metal, even progressive music. But you can find some good heavy guitars. This album would be better classified as dark beauty. The vocals are pretty well all in some form of clean singing or spoken vocals. I believe they have really improved their vocals. Much more atmospheric is this release, although in a different way from their previous style. Relies on more of a mixture of melodic guitars. Clean electric, acoustic are used quite often as well as a few excellent lead harmonies. The sound in general is much softer but still can easily be considered a dark, sorrowful album. Has the occassional chaotic screams which compliment the music great, but its main strength over the older albums is well produced, well played variety of instruments. They use keyboards and other atmosphere to make up for the lack of distorted intensity on this release present in older albums. Total Death took a huge step and a chance on this Record. It is good music, good songs. I  would recommend it to anyone not just looking for heavy metal. Vocals play a large part in this, but the music has a more epic feel to it as well. Over the course of this album, emphasis is put equally on instrumentation and atmosphere, which is an incredible combination when correctly executed. The guitars dirge along, almost as if trying to enact the emotion that the song's lyrics portray. In other words, I was surprised when I finally took the time to give this album a proper listen. Good Job on this one!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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