Saturday, July 1, 2017

Night Demon-Darkness Remains (2017)

One of the best movements in modern metal is without a doubt the new wave of traditional heavy metal. Just like the NWOBHM, the NWOTHM has some bands that break the mold as something viciously talented and special, and there's the bands that just fade into the rest. When  metallians  Night Demon hit the scene with a promising Ep debut in 2012, one could only hope that they were here to stay. A few  years after their first full lenght album came out . Now in 2017 "Darkness Remains" is straightforward and ballsy heavy metal, with a bit of classic rock here and there; on this album, the sound that they have cultivated has reached its peak. Basically everything that is so amazing about Night Demon is in full bloom on this new record. The music within is focused, energetic, creative, and very memorable. The band does a fantastic job of expanding their signature sound; This is the real deal. The musicianship on this album is insane. The talent was evident on their earlier stuff, but this is a whole new level. The riffs are heavy and creative, the drums powerful and effective, vocals are better, and the solos are of a whole new level. Bass player is above average on this album, he is definitely present. Everybody comes together fantastically on this, and it may just be their best performance yet. Night Demon has proven that they are arguably the greatest NWOTHM band, and while it really comes down to opinion, Night Demon are hands down among the best. This is all splendid, you'll be along for a wild and badass ride, damn this is good. Definitely recommended to everybody.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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