Sunday, September 17, 2017

Whispering Woods-Perditus Et Dea (2015)

"Perditus Et Dea" truly contains pieces of musical genius and creativity. It also sparks a question many other bands trigger. What is Metal? I remember being in a car with a friend listening Nightwish in 2001, she said to me: if any person not familiarized with metal, listens from here on (after the vocals I don´t remember which song) would swear this is classical and not metal music. Whispering Woods, in a way, possess the same vein of musical expression but in a dark and more sinister direction. While being metal, many of their songs are full of feeling and emotion, orchestration and arrangements; soprano's vocals blessing the whole picture. It´s not that metal is cold music for mass murderers. Quite the contrary, Whispering Woods is one of the bands that stands out and proves that metal is an open forum of expression, not limited by closed-mindedness or stereotypes (ok, maybe there are a few exceptions), and that, musically, it is a space for geniuses to flow. That doesn´t seem to speak much of the album, so let´s get on with it, and hope that I may get my point clear. This album is full of feeling and emotions. As a whole, the concept really states that metal is a form of open and obscure expression. I hope I make my point clear by saying that metal bands incorporate elements such as Flute, Keyboards and Sopranos giving metal a more elaborate and complex prism of musical creation. So, is this metal? Yes, it is music, it is metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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