Saturday, July 7, 2018

Molder-An Act Of Revenge (Demo 2018)

Unquestionably this band is fkn vicious, easily gained a respectable status already. This demo debut is violent and schizophrenic, the atmosphere in these tracks is savage. The violence, the impact and the darkness are the essential elements of Molder. The production is very clear for the drums sound and the vocals, but always conserves a beautiful dark touch. From the opener we already can see the awesome blend of thrash metal riffs, dissonant breaks and sudden fast restarts. The vocals are already able to be frightening and truly morbid with that raspy, dramatic and totally sick tonality, it reminds me of the early Pestilence. Unbelievable drumming, he has a chirurgical precision on alternating the fast beats while the  guitarist always draw lines of pure violence united with morbid lead lines to create a compact and suffocating sound. The fast riffs run after each other in an infernal organized chaos of fast solos, desperate vocals, catchy refrains and relentless drums. The sound is like a wall of sick devastation. This demo is a real inferno of all the influences you could find in the extreme genre for these times, but redone in a personal and brutal way. Now it’s time to discover Molder. This is an  incredible debut!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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