Saturday, July 7, 2018

Killing Addiction-Omega Factor (2018)

This band is again able to deliver us a very good quantity of death metal in this new Re-release of their demo from 1990', 7" Ep from 91' and the Omega Factor album from 93. They are again here to enjoy the relentless march of this sincere band in death metal. Uncontrolled fury and convincing riffs. The brutality and the blast beats are mixed with  catchier riffs to create good songs specially in their demo and Ep. The furious assault of the instruments is precise and terrifying for power and precision in the album, great vocals are screamed, angry and really nasty. The stop and go with thrash restarts give more variety to the songs. The blast beats are often broken by up tempo parts or fast double bass kicks and this is what is great to make these compositions less monotonous. Also the structures are more complex but flowing and the tempo changes are really well-done and stuck perfectly with this massive structures of violent music. The energy and mix on this cd is lethal, in a good way. This is where the souls of this band collide to create a really good and violent music.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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